Omegasentials Label What is OMEGASENTIALS™ OMEGASENTIALS™ is a nutritional supplement formulated specifically to balance essential fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-3, in humans.  Its proprietary formula contains milled flaxseed (ALA), fish powder (EPA and DHA) and 17 other nutritional cofactors that contribute to the most effective and efficient metabolism of these vital nutrients.

Why are Omega-3 fats so important? Omega-3 essential fats are getting the most attention because they have been linked to over 60 different disease conditions.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is particularly deficient in these essential fats.  In truth, it is the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats that create the conditions for the natural disease prevention systems to work to protect our health and wellness.

What makes OMEGASENTIAL™ better than other essential fatty acids products like fish oil, flax oil, flaxseed (milled or whole), or krill oil? All of these products contain significant amounts of essential fats, particularly Omega-3.  However, the necessary cofactors for metabolizing essential fatty acids are missing in most of them.  The one with the lowest amount of benefits is whole flax seed because its benefits are minimized by the difficulty in digesting the entire seed, therefore less of the essential fat (ALA) is released.  It is important for certain cofactors (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) be present to get the most benefit from the essential fats.

Why is it that OMEGASENTIALS™ does not go rancid quickly and spoil? OMEGASENTIALS™ does not go rancid quickly due to the patented and proprietary process used to manufacture it.  We use only the finest ingredients and work with companies that back-up their claims with test results and verification processes.  Our product has a minimum of a one year shelf life from the time of milling the flax seed.  The fish powder we use has a one year shelf life.  Both of these can be enhanced by keeping them in a refrigerator or freezer but the one year shelf life is guaranteed if stored at room temperature in a sealed container.

How do you know you are achieving the results you claim? We have had OMEGASENTIALS™ analyzed by a world class research scientist that specializes in studying essential fatty acids in humans.  This is to verify the quantities of essential fats in our product.  This is backed up by analysis completed by our suppliers of the Omega-3 substances included in our product.  In addition, we have used a Fatty Acid Blood Analysis to measure the amounts in several subjects as they have consumed OMEGASENTIALS™.  All have had favorable profiles.  The co-founders have been consuming this product for over 13 years and with one having a ratio of 2:1 and the other 3:1.  Both results being excellent when compared to the control group and estimates that results show an imbalance of 15:1 – 20:1 in the majority of the US population.  The higher number reflects Omega-6 and the lower Omega-3.

Have you done any controlled double-blind studies on OMEGASENTIALS™ use? While we would love to be able to tell you that we have, we have not.  Such studies are extremely expensive and we are a small company with limited resources.  We would be perfectly willing to supply product to any organization that would like to fund such a research project.  We make no claims about curing any disease or illness.  We do claim to assist in restoring the balance of essential fats if you eat this product on a daily basis.  You will be able to document the results by doing a pre-post evaluation of your levels of essential fatty acids.  This type of analysis will be commercially available shortly.  In addition to the above comments, the factors effecting disease conditions in humans are many.  Their have been thousands of studies that show benefits for Omega-3 essential fatty acids supplementation.  Our goal is really prevention of disease.  Only longitudinal studies will provide the answers to prevention.

What organizations support supplementation of essential fatty acids in humans? The National Institutes for Health, The White House, Massachusetts General Hospital, The American Heart Association, The Center for Genetics and Nutrition and many other leading health organizations have supported ingesting foods with Omega-3 essentials fats in them, but most have suggested supplementation because they recognize most people would not eat enough of the foods that contain Omega-3 essential fats to bring balance with Omega-6 essential fats.  In addition, the FDA has agreed to allow a qualified heart health claim for Omega-3 supplementation after a ruling by the US Supreme Court.  The ruling was achieved because of the preponderance of scientific evidence supporting Omega-3 health and wellness benefits.

How did you determine the recommended amount to be consumed each day? At the time of our initial development of this product, a large group of international experts on Omega-3 essential fats made recommendation for Adequate Daily Intake (ADI) for both adults and children.  We used that as a guideline for our suggested amounts.  In addition, many world-wide health organizations and regulators have jumped in on this subject.  Our conclusion, based on our knowledge of our product, is that our suggested daily amount will provide what we call a maintenance serving for people who wish to maintain balance.  However, we temper that recommendation that all nutritional substances you eat could effect the efficiency and effectiveness of you natural disease defense mechanisms.

Who were some of the important scientists you relied on in your research that lead to the proprietary formula for OMEGASENTIALS™? Since the discovery of essential fatty acids by Dr. and Mrs. Burr at the University of Minnesota in 1929, a host of scientists have made contributions.  Dr. Ralph Holman at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Joanna Budwig, a seven time Nobel prize nominee, Dr. Otto Wortburg, a Nobel prize winner, Dr. Artemis Simopolous, Dr. William Lands, Dr. Lillian Thompson, Dr. Doug Bibus, Dr. Glenn Pizzey and Drs. Paul and Barbara Stitt.  There are many others, too.  Also, it must be noted that Stan Mann, our VP of Research, reviewed thousands of articles to provide the necessary ingredients for OMEGASENTIALS™.  While his work may not be recognized or has highly valued in the scientific community, once you have developed a daily use of this product, you will realize the significance of it for your health and wellness.

Why do you have 80 servings and 40 days of product (2 lbs.) in each bag of product? Initially we used a plastic jar with 60 servings and 30 days of use for the product.  We had many people that wanted to order one at a time but then the 30 days went by so fast that they were late with their reorder.  We decided that to save costs (that is a long story) we would put it into a foil food bag coated with film to protect the product and increase the amount so people would get a little more in out of each bag.  We then created the 3 bag special, which provides for 4 months of use and saves some on shipping charges.  It has turned out to be a popular decision for many of our users.

Who developed the product formula? Stan Mann, our VP of Research, did an extensive review (5 years) on the studies on Essential Fats, particularly Omega-3, to provide the necessary ingredients to accomplish our stated product mission of “balancing essential fatty acids in humans.”

What led the Company to decide to produce OMEGASENTIALS™? Bill Rezmerski and Stan Mann meet through their employment?  Stan had become a vegan and was looking at different avenues to “The Secrets To The Fountain of Youth.”  His journey had led him to discover the importance of essential fatty acid balance and what it meant to over-all health, wellness and longevity.  This interest grew out of his hitting a health wall in his life where he, sparked by Dan Milliman’s book, THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR, decided that he wanted to live a healthier, happier life.  Bill’s journey was a little different.  A significant genetic history of heart disease, couple with loss of his mother at the age of 58, the loss of his sister at 47, and grandparents at early ages, led to his asking some questions of Stan.  Based on their conversations, they decided to formulate a product for themselves which became OMEGASENTIALS.  Selling it was not in their thought processes at this time.  The results of the product were so strong, they shared it with other family members.  This led to friends and acquaintances and suddenly a business idea blossomed.  First introduced as OMEGASENTIALS in 1999, the product now enjoys a 10 year history of satisfied users.  The word about it has quietly spread, word-of-mouth, to places like South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Croatia, The Netherlands, Italy, England, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.

What other products does HUMAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS, promote and sell? Over the next several years, you will find we will be introducing a number of products that will provide enhancements to the function of OMEGASENTIALS™ in your health plan.  All will be focused on balancing the energy forces affecting your body to provide for a longer, healthier and happier life.  We have already conducted research on many of those items, but the cornerstone for you is to build essential fatty acids stores in your body through the daily consumption of OMEGASENTIALS™.   The speed of their introduction will be determined by our access to capital to acquire and/or develop them.  The second factor will be your ability to create an intention of living a healthier life by making changes in your life style that will result in your willingness to purchase these items for your benefit.  We are a strong advocate for measuring results so we can provide scientific measurements to back claims that we or our manufacturers make.  We will not introduce products that we have not personally used according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Lastly, we expect that our clients are open and willing to learn about strategies for health maintenance and wellness that they have not seen or heard about before.  That is our value in the market place.  We provide HUMAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS and the physical, educational, and spiritual tools to make them work for your benefit.  We appreciate our customers willingness to participate in research and referrals of new customers.  We are prepared to provide tangible rewards for those wishing to do that.    This is true in keeping with our motto of “Live Long and Prosper.”

OMEGASENTIALS™ : Flaxseed, Fiber N’ Fish – #1 Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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